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Wait and see amid volatility

Amid market uncertainties and as the year end approaches, the corporate real estate industry is being prudent about recruiting. This year has seen some big moves client-side, especially at the senior end, with a premium paid for candidates in engineering with a bias towards mission critical systems and facilities.

Service providers are also cautious, as they await the results of key tenders which will allow them more insight into how business will play out in 2012.

"As organisations continue to outsource, the focus remains on the fight for talent, to fill key leadership roles within the service provider arena," says Richard Myers, Jones Lang LaSalle's head of integrated facilities management.

This sentiment indicates some very exciting career development opportunities within the service-provider space in 2012, especially at the junior to middle end of the market.

Salaries within the corporate real estate world are relatively unchanged. Exceptions will often be made to attract senior talent to vacancies, but they will have to show capabilities. Future trajectory is a critical factor in gaining sign-off these days. Exposure from an owner's perspective and experience in consultancy will be of greater value, as companies' property management models change.  

Chris Urban, associate director, Redpath Partners