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Weighing your job options

Candidates with coveted skills are in demand, but having multiple job offers can be tough. When you have more than one offer on the table, you can always ask for two working days to weigh your options, as most firms accept this practice. Here are five easy steps to help ease the pressure. 

Ask for time to consider all the job offers you've received Most employers will allow you time to decide whether the offer is right or not for you. 

Look at your long-term objectives Is this a company you want to be working for in five years? Does it provide you with opportunities to advance your career, mobility or benefits compared with what another company can offer you? Draw up a list of pros and cons for each job. 

Who pays more? A higher salary is always an attractive incentive, but it should not be your main motive for choosing a job. The lower-paying role could offer greater career advancement potential.  

Process of elimination Is there a job you can easily eliminate because it really doesn't meet your career objectives at all?  

Communicate your intentions Advise one company that you have accepted its offer. Let the others know, in a professional way, that you were grateful for the opportunity.

Emma Charnock, regional director, Hays (Hong Kong and China)