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Five key skills to hit the top

Professionals who want to get to the top need to master five key skills. Business knowledge, staff development, communication and technical skills, as well as international experience are needed by any finance professional to secure a long-term successful career.

The first two items are discussed below. Next week, we will take up staff development, communication skills and international experience. 

Technical skills Finance professionals need to be financial experts. For one thing, they need good accounting knowledge to make sure that records are accurate. They also need good financial analytical skills to interpret data. In order to specialise, such as in treasury or tax, job candidates need to develop the appropriate technical skills in their area of specialisation. For example, although computers can help, professionals need to know how to use them correctly. 

Business knowledge However, there is no point having good technical skills if one does not understand their importance in the business world. Job-seekers can attain these skills by getting involved in the business and reading financial media from various sources to get a good business understanding in an international context. After all, the global financial system is all interconnected. 

Emma Charnock, regional director, Hays (Hong Kong and China)