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What can I do to improve my career in HR?


Hi Doctor,

I am currently confusing what I can I do to equip myself for HR field. Would you please provide me some advice.

I am a fresh university graduate majoring in Finance. Throughout the study years, I find myself not interested in financial field.

After graduation, I look back my working experience. I worked in a recruitment agency as HR and Accounting Assistant for 6 years and I think this long experience is valuable and my major competitive advantage. So I am determined to pursue a career in HR. Luckily, I get into a large FMCG as HR Assistant and have been working for half year till now.

To equip myself for my future career, I am looking for courses (recognized by HKIHRM) to strengthen my education background.

Originally I want to find a Postgraduate Diploma in HRM, however currently there is no such a courses opening in any University or institute.
As I am holding a degree, I think lower level  education such as Diploma/Advanced Diploma/Professional Diploma in HRM is not a good choice.
For Master, it generally request applicant with at least 6 years related working experience and I think myself in not qualified. Also, the tuition fee is a large burden.

In long term, I do think my inconsistent education background will become a weakness for my to get a higher position. So my question is what I can I do to improve that. Thanks.