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When saying is believing

Having effective communication skills is imperative to workplace success and productivity. Being an effective communicator also enhances your personal and professional life. But what is the art of effective communication skills in the workplace? Find out in the first of this two-part series.

Positive self-image Self-assurance helps in being more assertive in making your points heard during discussions and key presentations.  

Small talk is big talk Very few people engage in small talk these days. It is about hitting the "start" button on the computer, robotically checking e-mails and getting stuck into the daily grind of working life.

But small talk is important to start a good relationship, and it also keeps a relationship going at work. Making polite enquiries versus being intrusive is a fine social skill, and it shows graciousness and hospitality.

For example, "How was your Sunday?" is a great conversation starter after a long weekend break.

It also puts people at ease in your company.

Small talk is not gossiping or putting others down behind their backs. It removes communication barriers as one becomes more likable and visible, and it plugs you into office news. Equip yourself with a few great conversation starters from now on.

Christine Sim, general manager, search and recruitment, Links Recruitment Singapore