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Marta Verderosa

Marta Verderosa is a manager in the legal recruitment team at Michael Page Hong Kong.

How will I get the best salary when I return to Hong Kong?

I have spent 15 years working as an in-house solicitor in the financial sector, the last five of them in Europe. I am planning to return to Hong Kong later this year. I would like to return to my old employer, for whom I worked for six years. I left on very good terms and I have kept in touch with some of the management there. If I do return to work there though, I want to get a favourable package, certainly better than what I had before. This will require some negotiation but I am unsure how to approach it without coming across as too pushy. What do you suggest I do? ...

Which is the best career path to company secretary and is it worth going for it?

I have worked in various administrative roles in Hong Kong for 15 years and have just been asked by a personal contact whether I would like to join his listed company. The offer is on condition that I work to become qualified as a company secretary. My initial research suggests that this would involve biweekly classes for at least a year with regular exams along the way. Can you give me your insight on the qualification paths and what is the market rate for salary? Also, I don’t have a strong background in accounting, tax and law. Will this hold me back?   ...