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Salary and Recruitment Forecast 2018- Information Technology

According to the latest Salary Survey conducted by Robert Walters, technology was one of the most robust hiring areas in 2017, with manymultinational companies undergoing digital transformation to support future growth projects. 

It will continue to be engines for growth across multiple industries. Digital transformation projects are high on the agenda for many companies looking to maintain their competitiveness and cost efficiency. As a result, there will be high demand for technology professionals with various skill sets, such as Devops, big data, cyber security and cloud. A scarcity of candidates will drive companies to pay higher salaries; we advise hiring managers to create defined career pathways to attract and retain the best talent.

Java continues to be a favoured language in the financial services world. However, because it has become such a necessary skill, there are plenty of candidates to choose from. As a result, if a Java developer wants to work in financial services, it is important that they have a good knowledge of financial markets and instruments. Python is becoming more popular as a programming language for many roles,in demand from both buy-side and sellside clients. Big data roles for example usually require Python developers. To handle big data projects, employers are seeking programmers who have strong quantitative skills and programming expertise in Python and/or C++ to help with data manipulation and analysis. There is a strong demand for IT security talent in Hong Kong. In response to new regulatory requirements, most financial institutions in the territory are allocating more resources to their IT security divisions. This trend looks set to continue but the cost of employing such individuals will rise as there is a shortage of IT security talent in the local market, especially within financial services.

Across information technology we are seeing the highest increments in salaries as candidates move roles, with increases of 20% for developers and IT security experts becoming the norm rather than the upper end of the range.


Source from: Robert Walters- salary survey 2018