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adidas accountant vaults ahead

As a young CPA Australia associate member, Sammy Wong - a senior accountant in retail finance with adidas Hong Kong - says the CPA Program does an excellent job of preparing accountants to handle the profession's diverse requirements.

"CPA Australia provides me with great support. The comprehensive training programme is relevant, which allows me to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to get the job done," Wong says, citing problem-solving skills, risk management, an understanding of governance and a strong focus on professional values and a code of ethics.

"Professional values are the guiding beliefs and principles that influence my work performance, as do my personal values such as honesty, integrity, generosity and helpfulness," Wong adds.

Her work ethos has so effective that her performance has been acknowledged and praised via a "Best Staff Finalist" title from her previous company's board of directors.

"The CPA Program also provides guidelines to professionals on how to handle ethical conflicts when conducting business," she adds. 

"Through the support and knowledge I am gaining through the CPA Program, I am building my career with a globally recognised qualification that meets industry needs," Wong says, adding that she has been inspired by two senior members of the firm's management team - both CPA Australia members themselves.

"They're very competent and have the insights to drive operational and organisational improvements."