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Dedication to city key to trainee success

Published on Thursday, 21 Oct 2010

Graduates hoping to join the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC) as management trainees must love the city and have a strong desire to promote its advantages.

"Our aim is not to make a profit, but to do the best for Hong Kong," says Angela Lee, the TDC's head of human resources.

Candidates should also be outgoing, sociable, and able to demonstrate a high degree of integrity.

Successful applicants must take a written test, aptitude tests, and be interviewed by department heads. Those who pass these initial hurdles will then take part in a group discussion and panel interview before giving an individual presentation.

The three-year training programme covers basic skills in sales and marketing, project management and customer service. The TDC also allows successful candidates to rotate jobs to broaden their skill sets and experience.

Trainees are encouraged to take language courses, the fees for which are fully subsidised as graduate trainees will have opportunities to work overseas.

"Candidates should do background research on the TDC," Lee says. "They should be able to clearly explain the reasons they want to work for this government-linked organisation."

The TDC will start organising career talks on university campuses next month, and the recruitment campaign will begin in December.

There are also other job openings, including spots for marketing and project executives, customer service professionals, and exhibition designers.

Entry details

  • Candidates with internship or summer job experience in the fields of public relations, marketing or hospitality will have an advantage
  • Overseas students are welcome to apply

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