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Great leaders bring out the greatness in others

Published on Thursday, 27 Oct 2011
Illustration: Bay Leung

Every day, the marketplace gets more and more overcrowded, with the entrance of new products and services to woo the consumer dollar. As the "right people" are the only assets an organisation has to create differentiating value, how does it retain talent?

You need great leadership to inspire trust and confidence to ensure the staff's continued commitment to the organisation because at the end of the day, each employee can decide to stay or go. Great leadership requires certain qualities, such as the ability to establish an inclusive workplace where rewards are given fairly and where integrity is demonstrated.

One also needs vision, courage and a strong sense of direction. To insure early acceptance of the next CEO, clear succession planning is required. The company must also focus on internal and external customers.

A great leader is able to influence and inspire others to act together. Behavioural styles include predictability, steadfastness, being composed and compassionate, amiability and objectivity, logical thinking and moderation.

Great leaders lead with the end in mind. They are fearless and courageous in making bold decisions for the well-being of the community in which they operate.

They are strong stewards and "servant leaders". They work hard to win the hearts of staff. They should be humble and modest and must nurture a strong learning culture.

And they are able to admit to mistakes, demonstrating personal "humanness".

Christine Sim, general manager, Links Recruitment

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