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HR issues go global as M&A deals cross borders

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) comprise a significant portion of global deal activity and, more often than not, multiple countries are involved.

To help senior human resources (HR) leaders with the people issues inherent in cross-border transactions, Mercer recently published the 2013 edition of its M&A HR Issues Around the World report, an essential guide for all phases of a deal.

It also addresses the prevalence of employee benefits, works councils, and transition service agreements (TSAs). The report is authored by Mercer senior practitioners in each of 38 countries, based on their experience with M&A activity.

“When M&A deals cross borders, a foundational understanding of key people issues in a given country is critical to any M&A planning or decision-making process,” said Gareth Williams, Mercer partner and global M&A engagement manager in Mercer’s M&A consulting business.

“What we often see is that the degree of complexity related to unique benefit plans, social programmes, employment rules, and cultural considerations requires expertise not available within most organisations,” he added.