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Intern to improve

Students at top universities around the world are advised by their careers teams to commit to internships as they progress through their academic studies.

There are huge benefits to interning. The exposure enables the intern to create sponsors and mentors in the businesses they are posted to. Experiencing different industries or divisions adds maturity to the post-study job search.

University officials and employers almost all agree that internships set students apart from their peers and are integral to finding meaningful employment in today's seemingly impenetrable job market.

For those who don't have access to a career team that advises on internships, there is another option. ConnectedGroup is joining forces with Project Share, a not-for-profit organisation, to help prospective interns in a number of ways. These include arranging internships in leading businesses across the territory, donating clothing to interns to boost their confidence as they take up internships, and organising a mentorship programme that continues the good work beyond the internship.

According to Project Share: "As programme organisers, our staff members notice first-hand the transformation of students from quiet and shy, to young adults who exude confidence and self-awareness and are equipped with the information to help them with their future. We believe that taking part in our programme boosts social mobility and the chances of gaining employment outside [participants'] geographical region."

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Kate Harper, director of financial services – Hong Kong, ConnectedGroup