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Looking for an IT job in Hong Kong

Question :

I have been trying to get a job in Hong Kong since 2 years, I have over 6+ years of working experience in IT with some big multinational companies. I have been to many places for work and found HK as most suitable place for me to settle down , I have been to hongkong twice in past 2 years but still didn't receive any positive response from the recruiters. I have posted my CV on several social media networks. Currently I'm in India and still looking for job opportunities to work and settle down in HK, I have some close relatives living in HK which motivated me in this direction but the response I got so far from recruiter is disappointing. Please help and advise me some way forward or is it really that Hard to get a job in HK?

Posted by Gaurav on Thursday, 29 May 2014

Comments :

Gaurav Jain

Posted Wednesday 11th June 2014 03:03:18 AM


Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I appreciate the time you took out to answer my post. I have the IT experience mostly in Banking and finance & eCommerce area which I have already highlighted. I also have experience on VXML (IVR technology) which is a niche skill and rare to find resources on VXML and because of which I felt I might will get at least a few call if recruiter will read my CV. I feel you might be right that I might will need to now personally try contacting recruiters through some of my relatives in order to get more information on the job vacancies. I will keep trying this year as well for HK and will hope to get a call soon. Thanks again for your comments. Regards Gaurav

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Tuesday 10th June 2014 08:00:00 AM


I admire your persistence in attempting to find a job in Hong Kong during the past two years. It is not easy, yet it is achievable. There are hundreds of online applications reaching the inbox of a recruitment agency, in order to stand out from the crowd, you would need some creative strategies. Here are some suggestions. Preparation - Spend time to ensure you understand your purpose. Imagine that you can have any job you want? What would it be? Which industry? What position? Which company? Why do these companies want to hire you? Do you understand their challenges? What is the culture of your prospect employer? Do you have the right competencies to address such challenges? Develop a compelling case- You need to develop an application that stands out. Never send a general resume, develop your profile with key words that catch the attention of any recruiter. Conduct your research, there are plenty of secondary information on the employer’s web site and other media. How about making a three-minute video clip to introduce yourself? Follow up on your application - Sometimes a phone call or e mail would make all the difference. The challenge is to get through to the person who will be responsible for interviewing the candidates. There are many techniques that may work. For example, ask your close relatives in Hong Kong to provide you with information on the prospective employer, they may know friends working there. Make yourself known via online presence – An employer will conduct research on various online job portals. If you have a unique skill that may differentiate others, you may want to contribute through online blogs. Do you have a view on some disruptive technologies? My point is to make it easy for employers to find you. I have a friend who spends a couple of hours per week to contribute his expertise on cloud technology and to comment on various research findings. He told me that he gets about 2 phone calls a month asking if he is interested to explore other job opportunities. The important thing to remember is that you need to demonstrate to the employer that you are motivated, a good fit and competent. Opportunities only knock for people who are consistent, focused and positive. Good luck on landing your dream career.

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