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Looking for media related jobs in aviation sector


Dear Doc

I have work visa which enables me to work in HK until 2013/6, and till that time, I would need my employer to renew my visa.

I was graduate from Communication Master last year, and worked in a American online retail company as Merchandiser for one year.

Quit the job this September, and the relationship with the boss became quite tense because of I quit after the company trip. So I didn't get the reference letter.

I would really like to work in aviation industries. But I found it's really hard to find any entry jobs.

Should I try to work in other media related jobs firstly to accumulate experience?

I have sent many applications, but didn't hear any reply. Is it because of the reference letter or no experience?

I'm quite confused and became negative. Please kindly let me know what direction I should go with.

I really feel like need to work in a big company and have a career path, sth. 
clear and worth working for.

Thanks a lot.