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Looking for media related jobs in aviation sector

Question :

Dear Doc

I have work visa which enables me to work in HK until 2013/6, and till that time, I would need my employer to renew my visa.

I was graduate from Communication Master last year, and worked in a American online retail company as Merchandiser for one year.

Quit the job this September, and the relationship with the boss became quite tense because of I quit after the company trip. So I didn't get the reference letter.

I would really like to work in aviation industries. But I found it's really hard to find any entry jobs.

Should I try to work in other media related jobs firstly to accumulate experience?

I have sent many applications, but didn't hear any reply. Is it because of the reference letter or no experience?

I'm quite confused and became negative. Please kindly let me know what direction I should go with.

I really feel like need to work in a big company and have a career path, sth. 
clear and worth working for.

Thanks a lot.


Posted by Lisa on Friday, 04 Oct 2013

Comments :

Richard Letcher - Career Doctor

Posted Monday 21st October 2013 11:52:00 PM


Searching for a job can be quite demoralising, and it is difficult at times to keep your chin up. It is important to keep going however, and this could be a good opportunity to revisit your approach. With so many of your applications not receiving a reply, you might want to get some advice on your CV and your covering e-mail. Seek advice from people who you trust to give you constructive feedback, and make sure they are seasoned professionals who have hired people themselves in the past. There are also great books out there on how to prepare a strong CV and write application e-mails. Your covering e-mail should be short and to the point; only put the key points down. Your lack of luck could be that prospective employers are seeing that you left a job without another job to go to, which might be raising questions. Be sure to include your reasons for leaving in your covering e-mail or on your CV. Within the Media sector, your Communications Masters should open the door to a good entry-level position that will get you on the ladder to more senior positions. You should be targeting graduate-level roles, where lack of work experience shouldn¹t be a factor. I doubt very much that you are not getting interviews because of a lack of a reference letter. This is usually asked for later in the process. On this issue, perhaps ask someone else within your last company to give you a reference if you feel your ex-boss will not. Do keep going and I'm sure an interview will be granted soon. Make sure you prepare for the interview as you might get only one shot at a particular job. One thing I found useful when I was entering the job market was being videotaped doing an interview, a service offered by my university careers department. Watching the video really opened my eyes to all my bad habits. It was painful to watch, but I improved drastically, and within two months of going for interviews, I had four job offers. Good luck!

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