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Losing hope to find a job

Question :


i also loose the hope to find job in hk. i am a computer graduate n master in marketing from indian university. rather than it i have one year hotel sales experience in middle east n one year in vodafone india.

but here i am struggling for the jobs. maximum jobs offer i am getting is of the waiter post. so confuse what to do or what not to do. i am on dependent visa here


Posted by Jack on Thursday, 29 Aug 2013

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Posted Monday 14th October 2013 11:30:00 PM


Thanks for your reply mark. i had try everything but still not getting the chance of the single interview due to language barrier. i think hk is not like dubai or singapore.

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 18th September 2013 11:27:00 PM


I appreciate your current job search has been very frustrating. There are three key tips that I would like to recommend to help ensure your job search is more successful. The first recommendation is your CV. This is a key document in selling yourself and experience. Employers are very busy and it is common that they will not read your CV in detail, therefore it is very important that your CV is clear and concise. There are many different examples that recruitment firms provide on their websites on how to write your CV which you can follow. It is also vital that you spell check your CV and ensure the grammar is correct. The second tip is to ensure that you are only applying to roles where you meet the criteria. When reviewing the job ad, please make sure you think about the points outlined, review your CV, and think about your experience to determine if it is appropriate to apply for the position. The third recommendation is when you get an interview, make sure you are fully prepared for this. This includes doing detailed research on the company, the role and thinking about how you will sell your experience for this position. Make sure you always wear a suit to an interview and you arrive 5 minutes before the interview. Body language and the way you answer questions in the interview are also critical. There are many books and articles on the internet that can provide more detailed information on this topic. I would highly recommend that you do some detailed reading on this so you give yourself the best chance of success in getting the role. Finally, never give up. Be realistic on the type of role that you are able to do and make sure you believe in yourself.

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