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Lots of work and lots of play at KPMG


A mainstay at the CPA Australia Career Expo, KPMG considers the event to be a strong platform for employers to interact with people who'd like to understand more about the profession, the firm, and the career options it could provide.

"Each year, we look for people who are passionate and committed about the profession and who would like to develop a professional career in our firm," says Margaret So, director of human resources, KPMG China.

She urges young professionals to have a clear vision of what they want in their career. "They should use this opportunity to understand what career opportunities each participating company could offer them. They should do a little bit of research before coming to the expo, so they'll know what to look for and what sort of questions to ask."

She advises against resorting to simple and common questions such as when and to whom job applications should be submitted.

"We expect those who'd like to talk to us to ask questions like what sort of client portfolio we have, what our strengths are, and what sort of personal and professional development opportunities we could provide them," So says.

KPMG recruits about 1,300 to 1,500 graduates every year across Greater China. "We offer a very structured career path such that, once they join us, they'll know what they need to do to progress up to partner level. Throughout their career, we provide a lot of relevant technical and soft skill training opportunities that are tailor-made to individuals' needs," So says.

Being in a fast-paced industry with demanding clients, KPMG expects its people to work hard for the growth of the firm. But new hires need not worry, as they have the full backing of a supportive work environment.

"Teamwork makes us successful. Especially for undergraduates when they join us, there will be mentors and buddies helping them," So says.

KPMG also encourages its staff to play hard and enjoy life together, she adds. "Our MyLife programme provides a lot of support away from work-related programmes. Once the busy season is over, we organise a lot of sports and fun and relaxing events. We have a Family Fun Day every year so that our people can bring their family members and friends to the event and have fun together."