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Pro-active team players sought to scale the ladder

Frontline sales, agents and clerical support
Centaline Group

The property agency of over 38,000 employees that covers Greater China with seven business lines - and which grew out of a single-desk office in 1978 - is seeking frontline staff, such as sales people, licensed estate agents and frontline clerical support.

"Centaline is an ever-evolving agency that can truly nourish your career path," says Heidi Tsoi, the group's director of personnel.

The company has been a pioneer in providing free and accurate property market information to clients, and is recruiting candidates who are good communicators, organisers and, additionally, self-learners.

Applicants should be energetic, have a strong sense of responsibility and live by the company motto: "If it's going to be, it's up to me!"

They should also speak Cantonese, Putonghua and English well.

The company's hierarchy is kept to a minimum and this offers staff great freedom to maximise their potential capacity, according to Tsoi. Staff have quick upward mobility with various on-site and conceptual training programmes organised by the Centaline Training Institute.

"We are delighted to pave [employees'] career paths in alignment with the company's development," says Tsoi. "Management positions, plus an extraordinary reward scheme, are open for all those who truly embody the essence of a 'can do' attitude with us. This, in return, is the way to keep Centaline evolving," Tsoi says. 

The firm offers staff a highly attractive, easy to calculate and transparent reward scheme that includes salary, plus a generous commission for sales staff with no ceiling on commission earned. The firm also offers a quarterly bonus for non-sales employees.

Centaline promotes teamwork with monthly meetings, elite club meetings, and periodical networking events for the entire group. "We believe a strong team ensures good business performance, and this is why we put strong emphasis on team building. The team leader is required to mentor all new members," says Tsoi.

The company allocates a percentage of the monthly net profit for charity and has set up the Centaline Charity Fund and Ricacorp Charity Fund.