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A secure way to make a living

IT security

Job prospects are bright in IT security. As the government has worked on promoting electronisation in recent years, more and more companies and organisations have responded by putting a greater emphasis on IT technology. Even schools have actively been promoting e-learning. Where there is a computer system, people are required to help monitor it. Manpower is therefore always in demand in IT security.

Nevertheless, the IT industry has constantly suffered from a shortage of manpower. Therefore, anyone who can demonstrate their ability in the field does not have to worry much about looking for a job, as many companies are only too willing to hire them on high salaries.

IT security is literallly the same as the visual security that involves security guards standing in front of a bank. People who work in the field should therefore always stay alert. They should be sensitive to what is likely to happen and be able to assess the risks involved.

They should also be familiar with the system, and take action immediately when detecting a problem. On the whole, speed is a prerequisite when it comes to working in this area of expertise.

Dr Karl Leung Ping-hung is the head of Department of Information and Communications Technology, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
As told to Chiu Po-sze