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Should I put my mainland education on my resume?


I graduated from B.Com (major in Accounting and Finance) from Australia in 2010. I tried to get a career in accounting or auditing field when I came to HK in 2010, but failed. So I took other roles and changed three times in these two years.

Now I am still trying to get start in the accounting/auditing section. May I know how? From graduation to now, I did nothing really related with accounting, should I still put the non-related work experience on my resume? 
Or leave the time gap blank? Or any way I can manage it better?

Also, Before the Bachelor of Commerce degree, I did high school (1999-2002) and a diploma degree of Medicine in China. Should I put those in the resume education section? As I saw many accounting firms require secondary education info. But I’m worried if I put: first, that secondary education is long time ago; second, my diploma was in medicine which is not related with accounting.

Your comments or suggestion would be much appreciated.