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A valued experience

Geoffrey Choi Cheuk-lin, a final-year student majoring in international business and Chinese enterprise at Chinese University, already has a job offer from an investment bank, but was fascinated by the forum's Shadow a CEO Programme.

He says the programme offers a valuable opportunity to interact directly with a CEO. "I have been on many mentorship programmes, with middle managers as my mentors. To be able to learn from a leader is an opportunity I would not miss," he said. "I have attended many forums hosted by CEOs, but spending time with them for a few days at work is an entirely different experience."

Having had the idea of starting his own online crowd-funding platform, Choi hopes to learn some valuable business tips from CEOs. "I am really looking forward to seeing how a business leader demonstrates entrepreneurship and leadership skills," he said.

Choi hopes to impress the programme's interviewers with his forward-thinking approach to his career. "Besides academic knowledge, I think it is important to gain practical experience to succeed in the business world," he said. "I deferred a year at university so that I could do more internships. I also brushed up my résumé by participating in various business case study competitions."