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What does it take to land a media job in HK?

Question :

For the past year or so I have been seeking media/editing/PR jobs in Hong Kong. However, it seems that I have not been able to land any responses. I've applied for everything from newspapers, financial companies and news bureaus based in the city.

I have been based in Beijing for more than five years working in the media and would like to make the move to Hong Kong as it would enhance my career.

What does it take to get noticed by companies there? Do I need to go there for a few weeks to try and land interviews?

Posted by Kimo on Monday, 02 Dec 2013

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Posted Friday 21st March 2014 01:15:58 AM


Many thanks for your input, Howard. It is very useful. Actually, I have been applying to jobs with public relations companies as well as news sites such as South China Morning Post as they are looking for editors. Unfortunately, I have received no replies whatsoever. I had believed that because of my background in the media perhaps it would be easier to catch some attention in Hong Kong, but so far I have gotten nothing. I had also believed that since I am already currently residing in Beijing it would give me an advantage as I am not far from Hong Kong. I am networking, but as for recruitment companies in Hong Kong, could you suggest any that would be worth contacting? Many thanks, again.

Howard Chan - Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 2nd January 2014 08:07:00 PM


To raise your profile in the marketplace, I would suggest setting up accounts on professional and career geared social media platforms (if you have not already done so), and to start joining the various media or public relations groups that are Hong Kong based on these platforms. This would raise your profile in the social media landscape as well as add credence to your ability as a media and public relations professional by demonstrating your understanding of social media. At a more local level, I would suggest engaging with recruitment companies in Hong Kong to see if they can offer any guidance and advice for your next career move. You can also explore networking or even working with Hong Kong based PR or media groups through your existing role. This will allow you to gain visibility while adding the relevant local experience that potential employers would be likely to appreciate when considering you for potential roles. In terms of job applications for Hong Kong based roles, it is important to first acknowledge your core skill sets that you could transfer to prospective employers. Additionally, it is also crucial to accurately identify the type of media role that you wish to pursue in your next role. By acknowledging these factors, you could then tailor and sharpen your job applications to increase your chances of success through highlighting and showcasing the relevant skill sets that prospective employers are looking out for. Other options to explore could be the possibility of an internal transfer to Hong Kong with your current employer, or to join companies in Beijing which offer the option of an internal transfer to Hong Kong in the near future. Also, you could try an unsolicited approach of submitting your profile to targeted media and PR companies which have had a proven track record of success. While not traditional and straightforward, these avenues could possibly prove to work as easier ways for you to work in Hong Kong. Ultimately, relocating to another country to work is more often than not a non-straightforward affair and might require a long gestation period for any job seeker. The key is to remain patient and stay focused on the search and not to jump at the next available opportunity to relocate with a mismatched role. Although easier said than done, the payoff for this will be a suitably matched paring between you and your prospective employer that will translate into a fruitful and long lasting relationship. This will be especially pertinent to you as you look to starting off with solid and good footing in Hong Kong as a media and PR professional. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Best of luck with your job search!

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