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Cross-cultural quiz

Last week, we looked at how more and more businesses in Hong Kong are looking for bilingual candidates with an international mindset. This week, we’re going to use a quick quiz to see whether you meet the cross-cultural demands of these businesses.

For the following six questions, you score one point for every “yes” answer. Do you speak a second language or are you learning one? Have you ever worked in an environment where your mother tongue was not spoken?

Have you worked abroad where you’ve been able to learn about different cultures and apply what you’ve learned? Can you demonstrate your ability to adapt to a different culture?

Can you demonstrate that you’re flexible and able to accommodate differences of opinion at work? Have you worked in an environment where pay was based on merit and performance?

If you scored less than two, it’s time to rethink how you fit into today’s job market. If you want to be an in-demand candidate, you will need to at least learn another language which can be useful in a work situation.

If you scored three or four, you are on your way to becoming an in-demand candidate with cross-cultural expertise – but you still have room for improvement. In another recent Hays survey, employers were asked what traits contributed to a candidate’s global mindset. The top answers were flexibility and the ability to accommodate differences of opinion at work.

If you scored five or more, you have good cross-cultural expertise and are more likely to have success in today’s highly competitive job market.

Marc Burrage, regional director, Hays in Hong Kong