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Don't make hash of it

If you are feeling frustrated or bored at work, the last thing you should do is vent your feelings on social media. As a public forum, your comments can backfire and recent examples on Twitter or Instagram using hashtags such as #boredatwork, #hatemyjob or #hatemyboss, only show the damage that can be done to your own reputation.

Social media has become so ubiquitous that tweets or Facebook posts can be linked quickly, so staff can no longer claim they didn't realise their posts could be seen by others.

In fact, many employers will actively search social media during the recruitment process for potential candidates and if they find evidence of such behaviour, even if it is in the past, it can tarnish your reputation and prevent you from being hired. Being aware of your digital footprint is hugely important in today's - and tomorrow's - job market.

So rather than broadcasting to the world your dissatisfaction at work, look for positive ways to improve your situation. Make a list of your strengths and then look for opportunities to build on your skills, such as volunteering to help with new projects or taking advantage of professional-development classes offered by your employer.

Look for opportunities offering more stimulation or greater challenge, and stay on top of industry trends. When you do something well or achieve something, acknowledge it and praise yourself for it.

If none of this works and you are still bored and unchallenged at work, it is time to explore your options in the job market. Review and update your résumé and LinkedIn profile and talk to a recruiter who can advise you on your next step and connect you with the right job.

Marc Burrage is regional director of Hays in Hong Kong