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How can I get into the corporate finance field?


Hi Sir,

I was graduated from university last year, with 1 year working experience as Management Trainee in a public organization. I am wondering how I can change my working field into the Corporate Finance field. 

Seriously, my background does nothing to do with Corporate Finance. To let you know my background a little bit more, I was doing Politics and Economics in my university life, with Second Upper honor degree. During my last year working, I devoted my time into different marketing / PR events management, with limited exposure to financial tasks.

While I start to find my interest in financial industry, I am thinking the quickest way to change my career, after all, I have "wasted" some time on other sector.

My Question is:
1) Would doing CFA examination (LEVEL 1)  / taking a master in Finance help me to change the industry?
2) Shall I quite my current job, and change to more relevant jobs ASAP to increase my success chances?
3) May I know if there is any relevant jobs without requiring experience I can apply for?

Thanks very much for reading my post, and thanks for your advise in advance.