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Is it difficult to change jobs?

Question :

Hello, I wonder could you please give me job analysis and advice. I am 28 year old.

Previously I worked in an agent to provide marketing service of financial derivatives for Investment banks for one year. Now I work as a financial journalist for more than 2 year.

Currently I want to change my job. In a long term I want to become a marketing/investment specialist in financial/property company. As to next step, I want to apply for position related to IR/PR/Marketing work in financial/property corporations. I am preparing for HKSI exam.

My question is that, I have not CFA or business degree or top university degree, it is hard to apply for good financial company’s position. 
Additionally, it is not easy to transfer to investment track from PR position.

Expect to see your reply. Thanks.



Posted by Raymond on Wednesday, 26 Dec 2012

Comments :

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Friday 25th January 2013 07:38:00 PM


When making a career change, you need to understand what core skills the new career requires and determining if you will be successful in that field. It seems that the financial services sector is an area of interest to you given your experience as an agent and now as a financial journalist. You mentioned that in the long term you want to become a marketing or investment specialist in a financial services or property company. The two roles are very different and therefore each will lead you onto very different paths. Therefore you need to first decide if you want to do marketing or become an investment specialist. If you want to become an investment specialist where you are selling investment products, you will need to have relevant SFC and other relevant licencing requirements. If your focus is more in the area of an investment analyst, then employers will be looking for relevant Economics / Finance degree and CFA qualification. In order to take on a marketing role, obtaining experience in financial services doing in-house marketing or PR would be an appropriate step for you to build your career. Finally, when an employer is recruiting, they look for people who have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and sound reasons for the various moves they have made in their career. It is very important that your next move is in the direction that you want to go in the long term and you need to spend a reasonable amount of time in one company building your experience. Employers will question when someone keeps moving roles and companies on a regular basis. I recommend that you talk to people who work in the areas that you are interested in, so you gain full understanding about a career in that sector to ensure it is the right direction for you.

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