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Perfect your profile

Your social media profile is only a click away from being viewed by recruiters, employers and potential future managers. The good news is that social media offers a quick and easy way to build, maintain and control your personal brand.

The social media world is fast-moving and fluid, with new sites and channels emerging all the time. Without doubt, the one site you should be on is LinkedIn. An up-to-date profile, far-reaching network and clear interest in your industry will massively boost your appeal in a recruiter's eyes.

By being smart and careful in building and managing your online profile, you can align it with the personal brand that you want to project.

This starts with using social media as a showcase for your expertise and achievements. You should also be social and connect with companies, recruiters and industry leaders. Be engaged by joining discussions and industry groups and post links to interesting articles. Don't forget to add contacts and accomplishments regularly - not just when job hunting.

I also mentioned being careful. This means thinking about what you share and where. If it's something you wouldn't want a new employer to see, don't post it. Also, always keep your current employer's social media policy in mind and make sure your online profile and offline CV match.

Employers will become even more discerning in years to come, so harnessing your personal brand will help you demonstrate what you have to offer an employer long before you meet a recruitment consultant or potential new boss in person.