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University graduate with 2 years experience stuck in HK job hunting.


Dear Career Doctor,

I think getting suggestions from professionals like you will be a great help while I am still job hunting.

I am 22 and I have recently completed my Masters in Computer Science with distinction from a good university in UK. I did my bachelors in Computer and Network Technology and my diploma's in Network and Cyber Security. I have worked as an IT Associate/Administrator in Hong Kong for almost 2 years, 1 year while I was doing my diploma and 1 year between my Masters and Bachelors. I am an English speaker and I am learning Simplified Chinese at the moment. I am in Hong Kong for a month now.

My genuine career interest is in junior System Administrator, System Engineer, IT Specialist and Java/Android Programmer. I have already done following things:
•    I have applied number of jobs requiring English only.
•    I have been requested for my resume around 20 times in last 25 days. 10 of them were for management trainee and others were genuine IT job.
•    I have also sent over my CV along with cover letter made specific for positions listed in the company job listing directly to company HRs.
•    I have also been contacted by number of agencies to ask about my expected salary, visa and language. I have included my HKID in my CV and expected salary in cover letter as well.
•    Not to mention that I also have professional certifications from Microsoft and I have even attended professional training from Cisco and Red Hat.
•    Last time I attended an interview in two multi-national companies, before doing my masters and I was told indirectly to be too young and I would change my mind working for them. I was 20 then

My problem is the following:
•    How long should I wait after applying for the job?
•    Why HR does never acknowledges my e-mail? While recruiting agencies do.
•    What would be my expected salary in Hong Kong?
•    While my CV has been reviewed by professionals and even HR from few of my connections, they said it’s pretty impressive. I was also offered an interview as junior system administrator, 2 weeks earlier before I came to HK. Do you think there is problem with my CV?
•    I don’t have any direct connections with IT people in HK, though I have indirect ones. I have also sent them CVs. Is it because of my connections?

I would really appreciate professional solutions for my questions based on my scenario.

Many thanks,