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Virtual event puts the focus on soft skills

In a bid to sharpen students’ soft skills and give them a chance to network in a virtual environment during the pandemic, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Faculty of Business recently hosted an online competition co-organised by Classified Post. This event was the second part of the “Leap to Success Virtual Challenge”, which began with a series of workshops which introduced the students to key concepts and practices. In the competition phase, they had to complete a specific assignment and, after that, those who made the shortlist were asked to give a presentation outlining what they had learned from the overall experience. ...

Instructive challenge prepares students for the world of work

The “Leap to Success Virtual Challenge”, hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Faculty of Business, is proving to be a big hit with students gearing up for summer internships or a first full-time job after graduation. Organised by Classified Post, the event ties in with a series of seminars designed to share advice, insights and practical know-how, as well as to give a timely confidence boost to those preparing to step into the world of work. ...